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2008-11-09 10:23:03 by SpadetheHedgehog

This is SpadetheHedgehog's main page. Click below to go to my warp pipe zone.
Warp to the pipes.
So... Yeah below is a bunch of links... I go to these places sometimes...
<img src=" s/cards/tyqioikx.png" border="0" /><br />Click here to level up my card!
Line rider, at Comcast... Wierd full screen.
Nintendo Land jukebox
Mario Wiki
He's my Bro, OrangeDeku
To an old friend's page, XxpanicwithmexX
Linkcrazy101, a over all cool person with some nice songs.
That totally random guy, Supapeeves. :3
Legend of Zelda shrine, Linkcrazy101's website.
Coolio-Niato, best rythm game maker I've seen.
DJ run away, a good techno song writer
The cloud song, Must watch!

<img src=" ker/c6y80ncw.png" border="0" /><br />Click here to level up my license!
Spade's Casino, Go play some casino games.

Warp pipe zone

2008-11-07 17:04:47 by SpadetheHedgehog


Warp pipe zone